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06 May 2014

Fire at Drake Power Plant

Photo by Chuck Snow

Well we certainly had an exciting morning yesterday! I was awakened by the sound of our house phone beeping, which is very unusual. When I finally figured out with the strange beeping sound was, I deduced that the electricity must have gone out and come back on. I checked all of the kitchen appliances, and sure enough, their LEDs all read "PF" for "power failure". I figured it was just another random power outage until I saw the news online: our main power plant was in flames! Of course all my local friends were posting about it on Facebook, including my friend Chuck, who took this picture from midtown with his cell phone. You can see the large plume of smoke in the distance. Dramatic! (Many more photos can be seen HERE, all of them from a closer vantage point.) It took the firefighters a while to gain control of the blaze, but eventually they put it out. It sounds like it was a doozy. Apparently over 22,000 residents and businesses were without electricity for a while (although our house, two miles from the power plant, experienced only a brief lapse). More importantly, there were no deaths and only one injury. We do have another power plant on the south end of town, so until they get the Martin Drake plant back up and running, we will be relying on it quite heavily I'm sure.

No one knows yet what started the blaze, but it's the talk of the town and I'm sure we're all very curious!

May 7, 2014 update:  the cause of the fire has been determined. Click HERE for the culprit.


Bibi said...

Well, that's one wake-up I hope you won't have often!

William Kendall said...

No deaths in a fire like that certainly counts for something.

Lois said...

How scary! Glad to hear no one was killed.

Randy said...

As long as no one was hurt.