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22 June 2014

Window washing daredevil

This man was on a VERY tall ladder, cleaning the third floor windows (that's the second floor to you Europeans) of a building in Denver's LoDo district when we were there the other day. No helper, no one to hold the ladder steady, and no safety gear. As they say, there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity!


William Kendall said...

I wouldn't have a problem with the height, but that's not operating safely.

Randy said...

Brave guy. I like the stars at the top.

Tamera said...

Randy those stars are there to reinforce those old brick buildings. You see them a lot in Denver. I guess when things start to shift, they put some kind of rebar or something all the way through the actual building, and those stars are on the ends of the rebars.

Tamera said...

Aha, I found out what they're called: anchor plates. I'm unclear if they are retro-fitted or part of the original construction (I always thought they were retro-fitted). Here's a wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchor_plate

Tamera said...

P.S. Apparently they don't go all the way through the building -- I was wrong on that!