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11 August 2014

Road trip to Aspen (part 1)

Over the weekend I traveled to Aspen with my friend Autumn to help her shoot a wedding. We avoided I-70 traffic by taking the route that goes over Independence Pass, which is a drive I haven't taken in a few years. It's so beautiful! There's a spot at the summit for you to pull over and walk to an area that has a breathtaking view. Breathtaking in more ways than one, actually -- the elevation at that point is 12,095 feet above sea level, twice the elevation of Colorado Springs! The air is quite thin at that altitude, and it's also windy and cold, even in the height of summer. Here are a few pictures from our brief stop at the summit of the Continental Divide. Tomorrow I'll share more.

Here's the view from the scenic overlook. Spectacular!

Here's me! I've made this drive a few times over the years, and consequently have a collection of pictures of myself standing in front of this sign :^) 


William Kendall said...

I think, having had been over the continental divide in places, that there's something about that line that just demands we stop and take pictures. A beautiful spot, Tamera!

Tamera said...

You're so right, William! :^)

Bibi said...

There you are! Cute photo! I've always wanted to go to Four Corners and put my hands and feet on them!

Tamera said...

Bibi I've been to the four corners (years ago) but I didn't do that. I feel like I need to go back there just so I can get that picture, ha ha!