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27 May 2015

Muddy Waters

No, not the famed blues musician, alas. It's Monument Creek looking murky and nasty. I took this photo yesterday afternoon from the bridge behind the Colorado College, looking north toward Uintah Street. See how high the water is -- it's over the banks. I haven't been posting about the daily, heavy rainstorms we've been having because it seems to be a constant topic of conversation these days. Rain, rain and more rain. The last time I remember such a rainy May was the year I bought my house in the late 1990s, and trying to move in and get my life sorted out was complicated by daily deluges. We are all starting to get a little worn out by this weather, I think. It's so bad, several of our local parks have are temporarily closed because of damage to the hiking trails, and there was a big rock slide on a highway exit ramp in Manitou Springs. Houses are sliding down hills, sinkholes are appearing out of nowhere. And don't even get me started on the subject of the enormous potholes riddling every street in town. According to the weather forecast, we don't have a dry day in our future until next Tuesday! But it could be worse. My heart goes out to the people of Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. I have seen the pictures and video of the incessant flooding that's happening there right now, and heard of the deaths. It's terrible!

Tomorrow I'll show you a couple of pictures of the duck pond in Monument Valley Park. We may not be loving all this rain, but the waterfowl probably like it very much.

Here's the view looking to the south. The sky may look blue here, but an hour after I took this picture, it was raining again. And two hours later it was hailing!
A close-up of the creek bank showing how high the water level is. So muddy! And those plastic bags sure do add a nice touch of ambience. Sigh.


William Kendall said...

It does look quite treacherous. Some of that rain is needed to the west of you.

Randy said...

That's alot of water.