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14 May 2015

Road trip to Texas (part 1)

As promised, I'll be sharing some of my vacation pictures for the next few days. The photo above was taken somewhere in New Mexico, en route to Alpine, Texas with a stop in Roswell just for the heck of it. We wanted to see the crazy alien conspiracy stuff that Roswell is famous for. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that Pat and I are huge fans of kitsch, and it doesn't get much more kitsch than Roswell! Another reason why we wanted to stop there was that a couple of days before our trip we watched the movie "50 to 1", about the long shot gelding named Mine That Bird who surprisingly won the Kentucky Derby in 2009. Mine That Bird trained in Roswell, and the Double Eagle Ranch, where it all happened, is featured in the film. We wanted to see it just for fun, and maybe get a glimpse of the champion himself, who is now retired and living out his days on a ranch across the street called Buena Suerte Equine. It was fun to see the ranch and the track he trained on, even though we didn't see Mine That Bird. Pretty cool!

It seems like everything in Roswell is tied into the alien theme. I love a town that embraces its weirdness. Practically every business in Roswell has a big green alien standing in front of it, or a green alien head somewhere in its logo.
The famous UFO Museum.
More alien stuff! I like the misspellings and questionable grammar on this sign.
The Double Eagle Ranch! This is where Mine That Bird trained. Having watched the movie only 48 hours earlier, it was fun to find the entrance to the ranch, looking exactly how it did in the film. Pretty cool!
Just across the road is Buena Suerte Equine, where Mine That Bird now lives in comfortable retirement.
Here's the track that he trained on. I recognized it from the film as well.
Leaving Roswell, headed for Carlsbad and beyond. It was miles and miles and miles of flat, straight highway through a dirty windshield.
We made it to oil country as the sun was going down. Vents burn off excess gas to prevent it from entering the atmosphere. We saw countless numbers of these, glowing in the nighttime landscape as we drove deeper into Texas.

Tomorrow, pictures from Marfa! Stay tuned!


LuiZ FernandoS said...

Brazil has its alien story too:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varginha_UFO_incident

Tamera said...

Luiz, that's fascinating! And much more recent than the Roswell incident. Thanks for the link!

William Kendall said...

Roswell's always struck me at a distance as the sort of bizarrely eccentric place that seems to revel in being that way.

Randy said...

Oh I have always wanted to see Marfa. Did you go to Prada?

Tamera said...

Yes we did, Randy! I will share pictures of that in a couple of days! You should DEFINITELY go to Marfa. What a cool little town.