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25 July 2015

The Peak Cinema by night

Kimball's Peak Cinema is the only movie theater still operating downtown. For generations you could have your pick of where to catch a movie downtown, but over the years, as giant mega-plexes sprung up in the more suburban areas of the city, all of the older movie theaters closed down, until by the late 1980s only the Peak was left -- and it was hanging by a thread, showing second run flicks for a dollar (I saw "Weekend at Bernie's" there two nights running, it was so affordable! Don't judge. I still think that movie is hilarious.). At some point in the '90s a guy named Kimball bought the Peak, rehabbed it, and made it respectable again. Now the Peak is known for showing the smaller, more arty films, though occasionally they do show a blockbuster. Oh and they serve wine and beer, which is something you'd be hard-pressed to find at any big mega-plex around here. Seeing a movie at the Peak is a treat! As a photographer, I've done many a downtown photo shoot using its iconic sign for a backdrop, but I've never photographed it on its own by night. I really love this beautiful old Art Déco building and its cool neon sign from another era. It's a downtown landmark.


Stefan Jansson said...

Sounds like a really good place for an arty movie and a glass of red.

Tamera said...

You described it perfectly, Stefan!

William Kendall said...

The same is happening here. There's only one theatre in the downtown core, and it's a rep-art film theatre.

William Kendall said...

And the twisted sense of humour of Weekend at Bernie's really worked for me... though what the point of a sequel was, I don't know.

Randy said...

Love that sign! You don't see many like that anymore.