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23 August 2015

Sunday Style!

The bride wore Louboutins! Yes, these feet belong to Erin, one of my lovely clients, and her Christian Louboutin shoes were so beautiful that I insisted on getting a few shots of them just for the blog. There's a story behind these shoes, but to fully comprehend the agony of what Erin went through to have them on her wedding day, you have to either: 1) be really into fashion; 2) have been a bride at one point; or 3) both.

Erin spent weeks looking for the perfect rose gold Christian Louboutin shoes, but could find nothing that quite fit the image in her mind's eye. Finally, after a month of searching, she finally located The Ones and ordered them just in time for the big day. They were supposed to arrive at her home in NYC no later than last Saturday, bearing in mind that she and her fiancé were about to hop on a plane and come to Colorado Springs for the wedding. But by Saturday they still had not shown up. The tracking number indicated that the shoes had been delivered on Wednesday, but the box was nowhere to be found. Panic and a few tears ensued -- and believe me, when you've had your heart set on a certain pair of glorious shoes for your wedding day, and everything is about to come together, and the day is almost upon you and everything is at a fever pitch, and those perfect (and scandalously expensive) shoes GO MISSING... I would cry too! But Erin persevered, canvassed her neighborhood, pestered her entire building and the building next door, and lo and behold, a nearby neighbor appeared with the box late Sunday afternoon! Whew! So now you can see the beautiful shoes in all their glory. I wish I could show you her entire ensemble, but I haven't processed the pictures yet. Suffice it to say that Erin looked perfectly exquisite from the top of her head to the bottoms of her red-soled Louboutins!

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

Quite an experience for her... but ouch, just looking at those shoes... they'd be murderous to walk in.