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01 September 2015

September 2015 Theme Day: curiosities

It's the first of the month! That means it's Theme Day for City Daily Photo bloggers all over the world. This month's theme is curiosities. When I heard what the theme was going to be, I immediately thought of the giant beetle at the May Museum, south of town on Highway 115. I've featured him on the blog before, but I think he deserves a second mention! As long as I can remember, the giant beetle has always been there. I think it's fun that he's on Roadside America, and actually looking him up on that site led me to learn a little more about him: he's a West Indian hercules beetle and his name is Herkimer, he was built in the 1950s, and he spent a few years in Weeki Wachi Springs, Florida (talk about kitsch!). By the way, Herkimer's job is to bring your attention to the May Museum, a.k.a. the bug museum, another great local curiosity and one I've never explored. It's a sin that I've never visited the May Museum, but now I'm even more inspired to go and check it out!

While I was down south on Highway 115, I decided to photograph a couple of other oddities, all within a couple of miles -- not nearly as strange as Herkimer, maybe, but I think they have a kitschy charm! And for more Theme Day curiosities from bloggers all over planet earth, click HERE. Have a super day!

This horse resides in a trough on Highway 115 and Hitch Rock Ranch Road, about a mile south of the May Museum. It's not that odd for local businesses or ranches to feature life-sized horse figures, say at the entrance to the property or maybe on the roof (I can think of several examples around here, actually). I just think it's unique that he stands in a large trough, surrounded by dense shrubbery that obscures his legs. It's weirdly adorable.
A second horse figure, another mile or so down the road. Again, not terribly odd, but I included him because he's a landmark. If you're driving from Canon City or other parts south, you know you're almost home when you see the rearing stallion on this sign!


Tanya Breese said...

i love that beetle! your white horse looks just like mine!

William Kendall said...

Giant roadside attractions like that beetle do make for good photo ops! Very appropriate for the theme.

Lois said...

Nice collection of photos for the theme! I think that third picture is my favorite.

LOLfromPasa said...

I love those horse images. What a curious bug that beetle is.