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21 April 2016

Las Vegas trip [Part 2]

Today I'll show you a few pictures from the Viva Las Vegas 2016 fashion show on Friday afternoon. (NOTE: Some of these are mildly NSFW, so beware!) I loved it! We didn't get to stay for the entire show because dance lessons were also going on, and believe me we needed them! I really enjoyed what I did get see of it, though. Lots of great retro styling!
All the images above are from an Australian fashion house called Miss Lily White. Authentic 1950s silhouettes, which I appreciated, because rockabilly is very 1950s -- many of the women at Viva Las Vegas were styled 1940s (or even '30s), and I have to admit that kind of bugged me! Miss Lily White's designs are beautifully constructed and quite sensibly come in a very wide range of sizes. I loved it all and wanted every piece! Below are a handful of images from a Canadian corsetry and lingerie design studio called Cinched Tight (this is where the NSFW part starts). ;^)
Cinched Tight will create custom lingerie and corsets to order. Your own handmade, couture underthings, what an awesomely old world idea!

Tomorrow, pictures of the burlesque show. Those ones will definitely be NSFW!


Gunn said...

There are so much fun, style and energy in this images! i like them a lot.

William Kendall said...

Very stylish! I can see what you mean by some of them not being safe for work. I look forward to the burlesque!

William Kendall said...

Looking again, it occurs to me that these models aren't like the conventional fashion runway models- the ones that have the deadest eyes one can see in another human being. They look lively!

Tamera said...

Oh yes, they were all having a blast and vamping it up! It was fun to see! :^)