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20 August 2016

The Julie Penrose Fountain

I'm back! I haven't blogged since August 6th (see previous post). My hiatus lasted a bit longer than I expected it to, but I am happy to be back to my little blog. The main reason why I had to temporarily stop blogging was that Pat and I went on an epic, seven day adventure, and though I had plenty of pictures to keep the blog current in my absence, I had no time to actually write posts to accompany the pictures (and I wasn't about to do any blogging on my vacation -- I was on vacation). Upon getting home, there was just too much work waiting for me and I had no free time at all as I strove to get caught up. Anyway, I took basically an entire wedding's worth of pictures on our trip and I will eventually share them here, but for the moment I have actual weddings to deal with, so the vacation pics will have to wait.

So until I can get those processed, I'll blog the pictures that I had intended to share while I was gone. Here's the fantastic Julie Penrose Fountain in America the Beautiful Park, which is situated just west of Martin Drake Power Plant, with a killer view of the Front Range. The Julie Penrose Fountain is a great destination on a hot summer day, and as you can see, people of all ages flock to it for a little respite from scorching temperatures. It slowly rotates as it showers water. Oh and it's HUGE. You can see it from the highway and it makes quite a statement!

Thanks for your patience while I was gone, dear readers. See you tomorrow!


from Madrid said...

Nice fountain.
Soon the holidays ended!
Have a good day, Tamera.


William Kendall said...

From the side, no, but straight on, that looks like a stargate. It's even the right size.

Miss G said...

Glad you're back! Hope you had a wonderfully adventurous vacation! Looking forward to hearing about it.
We need to visit this fountain. We have lived here five years now and have never yet been! Kelly