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06 November 2016

Sunday Style!

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may remember a two week respite that I took from posting in August. Pat and I had gone on a complicated vacation entailing four cities and about a jillion miles in the air and on the road, so I took some time off from the blog as we traveled and as I caught up on work after we got home. I'm finally getting a chance to delve into the many pictures I took while we were on our trip, and of course the first ones I jumped on were the ones I specifically took for Sunday Style! We dubbed our vacation the Great Rock and Roll Tour 2016, and the idea was to hit as many notable historic and contemporary music locations as possible. Today's pictures were taken at Third Man Records in Nashville. Up top is Bonnie, who runs the place, and below is Jenna, who works there. Third Man, a recording studio and record store, is the brain child of Jack White (you may know him from the White Stripes); Bonnie is a friend of a friend, and kindly gave us a private tour of the studio, which is not open to the public. That was cool!

But back to style, before I get too far off track! Do you get to wear whatever you want to work? If you're in a creative field or are self-employed like me, you generally have a lot more leeway than if you work in corporate America. So yeah, I like to think that creatives like me tend to be a sartorially interesting lot for the most part, but the coolest people work in the music industry! Look at Bonnie and Jenna, both of whose casual rock and roll style is more of an attitude than any particular look. They do both have the same edgy hairstyle, coincidentally (and that purple color is hard to pull off!). I have to admit that they may have inspired me to grow out my hair. I have the same baby bangs and waves, but not the length -- I'm tempted to steal their haircut! Anyway, if you want a lesson on how to look cool without also looking like you're trying too hard, walk into any record store, recording studio or band practice space. You'll see.

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William Kendall said...

Both ladies really stand out!