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04 December 2016

Sunday Style!

Today's subject is Marian, a friend of mine who has a wonderfully fun sense of style. (In the interest of supporting local, woman-owned businesses, I also want to mention that Marian is the genius behind my eyebrows and is the best aesthetician in town, hands down! You can find her at Sola Salon on North Academy.) Marian grew up in England and spent much of her adult life in Germany before moving to the US, so she has a great multicultural world view and a bold style sense, reinforced by annual trips to Europe to see family (and to shop shop shop!). Every time she comes back from a trip, she's got some awesome new shoes or a cool new purse or jewelry. She's always so much fun! I love the fact that, even though she's now in her early sixties, Marian hasn't backed off her naturally exuberant and youthful style one iota. I picture her as one of Ari Seth Cohen's wonderful Advanced Style subjects one of these days. She'd be perfect. Look at that great outfit in the top photo. Cute lacy shift dress and lace leggings, and... Keds! Not everyone can wear this, but Marian does it with panache. In the second photo, the sleek black leather jacket keeps it modern, and Marian has such great legs, she can wear fitted leggings and get away with it. As for the last picture, that wasn't even an outfit she intended to wear for her photo shoot, it was what she planned to wear to the supermarket afterward! That should give you an idea of how fun Marian is. She always looks glamorous!


Jack said...

A nice looking woman with a fine sense of fun, Tamera.

William Kendall said...

She seems a good deal younger, and quite cheerful!