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14 December 2016

The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Yesterday was my birthday, the Pat took me to see the Brian Setzer Orchestra to celebrate. They played at the Paramount Theatre in Denver. I haven't seen a show there in ages! It's a gorgeous venue. We got there early and found a spot right at the edge of the stage, which enabled me to take a few good pictures. But mostly I was just enjoying the music, because I loooove Brian Setzer and I loooooooooove rockabilly! I go to tons of concerts and I have seen some pretty epic guitarists, but none of them even come close to Brian Setzer's level. When we saw him at Viva Las Vegas earlier this year, he was with his Rockabilly Riot band -- just a drummer, a stand up bass player, and a pianist/multi-instrumentalist (and they rocked!). Last night he was accompanied by an 18 piece orchestra, including two of the guys from his Rockabilly Riot lineup. About half of what they played was Christmas music. I famously dislike Christmas music, but not when Brian Setzer's playing it! At one point he took it down to just a three piece onstage, his basic Stray Cats setup, and they were ON FIRE. The best part was when they played Mystery Train. I captured the two images below during that section. It was an amazing show. They're touring the U.S. right now. If they are going to be anywhere near your city, you should check them out!
He was standing on the bass drum, almost within arm's reach of me. How could I not take a quick picture?
The bass player was awesome. Great show.


William Kendall said...

Wow! Terrific shots!

Miss G said...

happy birthday!! looks like a great show! Kelly