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22 May 2009


Shuga's is a unique place. Opened about six or seven years ago, it was an instant hit, and the idea behind it is genius -- it's sort of a funky coffee place by day and a chic drinking establishment by night. During daylight hours, drop in for a gourmet sandwich and a capuccino or lavender-tinged lemonade; during the evening linger with friends over tapas and cocktails or vino. Any time you go to Shuga's, day or night, you'll find hipsters rubbing shoulders with senior citizens, hippies co-existing happily with foodies.

Housed in an old typewriter shop on the south end of downtown, Shuga's successfully blends quaint, funky and chic -- not an easy task. You'll find that the art changes frequently, every table holds a vase (or vintage soda bottle) and flower, and all the furniture is secondhand but stylish and patinaed, not shabby. You can see just from looking at the front door that it's an intriguingly stylish place to hang out, so hop on your Vespa and scoot on over!


Hilda said...

You make the place sound so wonderful. I'd scoot on over if I could!

B Squared said...

Looks like a great place to "Trek" into.

Anonymous said...

I love Shuga's!

Leif Hagen said...

Beautiful, colorful snap. I'd visit this place, day or night! I had a "bleeding heart" as yesterday's posting. Regards from EAGAN daily photo in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.