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21 January 2015


This big, beautiful Victorian home sits on the southeast corner of Uintah and Hancock, and I think everyone must use it as a landmark because of its color. Not exactly a shy and retiring shade of orange! I do like the color. This house has been in this spot for a number of years, but not as long as you think -- I recall that it was moved from another location and plopped down on this corner about 20 or so years ago. I do not know where it was originally located, but I do know that a century ago, Victorian houses were not typically placed at an angle like this one is. Whoever made the decision to orient it toward the corner instead of directly facing the street was not being historically accurate. (Also, cladding the lower story in stone and brick. Definitely not historically accurate!)


Gunn said...

Looks pretty, unique and very different from the Scandinavian style around here where I am living.

Looks like a nice garden too:)

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

It is an absolutely beautiful landmark!


Greensboro, NC USA

Lois said...

It is charming! I like the color too.

Jack said...

It is a beauty, whether historically accurate or not!

William Kendall said...

It's quite vibrant!

My parents owned a place for some years that was erected in the 60s by an immigrant from Austria in a chalet style. The front of the house was built so it didn't face the road, but a hilltop to the north, which reminded him of home. Then he planted lots of evergreens around the house, all of which outgrew his view of the hill. I wonder if this misplacement of this house has some similar story.

Tamera said...

I don't know, William! I think they just thought it would look good. It gives everyone a great view of the house, that's for certain! I really like this house and have always wondered who owns it and took the trouble to move it and restore it so lovingly.

Randy said...

I love that house!

Miss G said...

I see this house a lot and have always liked it and it's unique placement! Fun to see it featured today. Kelly