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31 March 2018

2 East Columbia Street

Last weekend I went to an estate sale with a friend. It was a spontaneous outing -- we'd gone for a walk and it was in the neighborhood. This is one of the many homes in the Old North End that I've always been curious about, so it was neat to get a peek at the interior. I have a great book called Exploring the Old North End Neighborhood of Colorado Springs (Jennifer Wendler Lovell and Robert D Loevy), and it tells me that 2 East Columbia was built in 1900 for J. Arthur Connell, the first president of the Colorado Title & Trust Company. It's just wonderful inside. There were some 1980s to 1990s-ish decorating decisions here and there, but the kitchen had lovely old cabinets and featured an enormous mint green stove that I fell madly in love with. It may be a mansion, but it was someone's home and it felt like that: comfortable and homey, despite the many antiques.

We wandered around a bit, and in the end we bought a couple of odds and ends. I wasn't able to take many pictures of the interior (that would have been rude), just a couple of cell phone snaps, but I did get some nice shots of the exterior.

There were some old photos of the house hanging in the stairwell. It looks much the same as it did back then. I tried to recreate this image in the photo above this one.
Here's the cool old stove. Wouldn't you love to have it? I would!


Lois said...

I do like that stove, especially the color. The house is beautiful too!

William Kendall said...

Beautiful architecture!