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06 April 2021

Close Encounters of the Wacky Kind

Pat had a truly weird experience last week. He was driving west on Pikes Peak Avenue where it intersects with Chelton Road when he heard a loud screech and saw a GMC Yukon plow into a small white sedan. Car parts flew everywhere. Ever the concerned citizen, Pat pulled over his car to make sure that everyone was all right. A man emerged from the passenger seat of the white car, staggered around for a moment, then suddenly started running straight toward Pat. Of course this was very puzzling for Pat, but puzzlement soon gave way to alarm when two police officers rounded the corner on foot, chasing after the guy! Only a few feet from Pat's car, they tackled the fleeing man in someone's front yard and handcuffed him. Crazy! Pat came home pumped full of adrenaline and told me the whole thing, so naturally we drove back over to the scene of the accident so I could get pictures for the blog. I got a couple of snaps through the car window as we cruised past. It turns out there was a third small car involved and it was just as crushed as the white car (the ginormous Yukon definitely fared the best), but I didn't get a picture of it. It looks like no one was hurt but I'm sure it ruined everyone's day -- especially the guy who's sitting in the pokey right now.


Stefan Jansson said...

Wow. A scary encounter.

William Kendall said...

That would leave one shaken.

JudithK said...

Whew. Glad that one turned out OK. An adrenalin time for sure!

Linda said...

My goodness! Glad it turned out okay.