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12 May 2021

Hikers Galore and a Great Big Headache

I haven't blogged since Sunday because I've been having some excruciatingly annoying tech problems with my computer here at home. I have a big, fancy (and very fast) computer at my studio, but for most of the week I'm working from home on an older but generally reliable PC. On Monday I downloaded an update to that computer which made it incredibly sluggish. Fifteen or twenty minutes just to launch Photoshop, ten minutes to load a single image, lord knows how long to do a couple of simple edits that would normally only take a few seconds. You get the idea. And since I had a big editing job to take care of first (clients are my first priority, sorry, faithful readers!), I had to get things done and temporarily put the blog on the back burner. Two days to cull, edit and output an editing job that normally would have taken two hours, and enough resulting aggravation to last me a year.

But enough griping! Tomorrow I will try and find a way to fix the bug, but this evening I did finally get to put together an image for you to enjoy. Here are some hikers I captured in the Garden of the Gods on April 30th. I was actually there to photograph a surprise marriage proposal, but my clients hadn't shown up yet so I bided my time snapping a few pictures of this and that. Oh and by the way, she said yes 😊 There's something to put a smile on your face!


William Kendall said...

Quite a headache! Terrific shot.

JudithK said...

Ah. Young hikers. Glad yes was the answer during your proposal shoot, otherwise, a lot of effort put into a proposal. (Surely he had a clue.)
Good luck with your PC. Sounds like the update really did a job...on something.

Stefan Jansson said...

Slow computers are never much fun.

Luis Gomez said...

Nice shot Tamara. Where you able to fix your computer? Nothing worst than updates that work poorly.

Tamera said...

Luis thank you, I finally got it fixed! It required a diagnostic that took several hours (even overnight), but now it's running like lightning again. Thank goodness!