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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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25 September 2017

Painted ladies

As promised on Friday, here are a few more pictures of the lovely painted lady butterfly that have been visiting my garden. I saw a few more in a park yesterday while on a photo shoot, and managed to get a picture of one on a bright pink flower. If that picture came out worth a darn I'll share it later in the week. Have a great Monday!

24 September 2017

Sunday Style!

I'm getting this post online a little late today! Normally I avoid doing much of anything on Sundays, but today I had a portrait session (which worked out really well, since the sun came out just in time after a very gloomy morning and early afternoon) -- hence the late hour of this post. Anyway, here's my friend Lauren, who's been featured on the blog a couple of times before because she's always so chic! She treated me to lunch the other day and I loved what she was wearing, down to the cool metallic pedicure, so I coaxed her into posting for a couple of pictures. Thanks Lauren! As always, you look gorgeous!
Nice leather jacket!

While every other woman in the universe is sporting the same waist long, wavy locks, Lauren is rocking a David Bowie-esque pompadour. The better to show off her unique drop earrings!

Love the metallic pedicure and the comfortable, chic sandals!

23 September 2017

Nancy Lewis Park

A client and regular reader of this blog, Katie, recently turned me on to this great park! Years ago it was a turf farm, and at some point in the last couple of decades, a developer built some assisted living townhomes and apartments on the land, leaving plenty of space for this nice park. Ironically this is all quite close to my studio, but I never bothered to check it out until Katie described it to me and showed me a picture. It's so nice! There's even a meditation garden. What a lovely spot! Thank you so much for inspiring me to finally explore it, Katie!

22 September 2017

Well it's about time!

After two years of hard work and nurturing, my bee and butterfly garden has finally started to attract butterflies! I noticed a number of painted ladies flitting about a couple of days ago and managed to capture a few pictures. I will try and post more on Monday, but here's a quick fave.

Have a great weekend! It's officially fall!

21 September 2017


A random street scene, taken yesterday afternoon at the corner of Bijou and Cascade, looking to the southwest.

20 September 2017

Lizard Lips

I was doing some senior portraits in the Garden of the Gods last month, and I had my client posed on a large rock formation (go figure). There were tourists and hikers all around. I could hear a guy on the other side of the rock exclaiming about something, and then he came around to our side and told me that he saw a cool lizard and insisted that I take a picture of it. I get this a lot. "Hey you should take a picture of this!" Okay, to be honest, that can be a little annoying, especially when I'm in the middle of a shoot and I'm trying to give my full attention to my client, but in this case I ended up with a blog-worthy picture, so I'll shut up now. Anyway, my client Partha and I dutifully went around to the other side of the rock formation and, sure enough, there was a lizard hanging out in a little crevice. The situation was nearly impossible, photography wise. It was very bright outside and very, very dark in the crevice, too dark for my autofocus to work. This is not an optimal situation for getting a macro picture of a tiny lizard. But I didn't have any polite way to avoid it since the guy was standing right there, insisting, so I just snapped off a couple to make him happy. (Also, I'm not sure that the lizard appreciated my lens being five inches from his face -- he doesn't look too happy about it. Ha.) At any rate, to my surprise, one of the quick snaps was actually in focus and the lizard is sharp as a tack. I did have to fiddle with the picture quite a bit in Photoshop to make it look decent and bring out the detail, but I was surprised at how well it came out, all things considered. So here you have it, people: Mr. Lizard Lips, captured under duress when I was just trying to take some senior portraits. Not bad!

19 September 2017


Check out this awesome Impala! Looks like about a 1963, and it's a beaut! I'm not a huge fan of customization when it comes to old cars, but I have to say the gold touches work. Fancy!