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09 October 2015

Skywatch Friday

I cannot claim authorship of today's beautiful photo. It was taken by Pat on Wednesday, when we spent a few hours at Mueller State Park, enjoying the scenery and hiking through the woods. We were both armed with cameras and had to stop every few feet to take pictures! I thought this particular shot by Pat was so lovely, it deserved to be showcased on Skywatch Friday.

More pictures from Mueller State Park tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you'd like to see more Skywatch Friday pictures from bloggers all over the planet, click HERE. Have a great weekend!

08 October 2015


I saw this when I was in Breckenridge last Friday for a shoot. Pat and I couldn't agree more. We love Colorado too!

07 October 2015

Finicky weather

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to do a portrait session on location, and my client and I were only there for a few minutes when the weather turned ugly (yet earlier in the day, of course, it had been quite beautiful). We only managed to take a few pictures before we had to make a run for it, as the sky opened up. There was no chance of finishing what we started! When we got back to my studio, we could see that it had hailed in the Old North End quite heavily. I'm glad we missed it! I thought the hail wasn't very picturesque, so I took a picture of these downed leaves for you instead.

06 October 2015

The Johnny Martin Cup car show

I went to this car show last year, and my brother Chuck checked it out this year. Johnny Martin's is car club that's focused mainly on vintage, customized (though some are stock) American cars, trucks and hot rods. I wish I could have gone, but Chuck got some great pictures and graciously agreed to let me post them. Thanks Chuck!

05 October 2015

The British car show

The pictures for today's post were taken by my brother Chuck, who went to two very different car shows this weekend. (I was jealous -- if you're a regular reader of this blog, you probably know how much I love cars and car shows!) Chuck generously agreed to be my guest blogger today and tomorrow. Today's pictures are from the British car show at the local Jaguar dealership. I love the Mini! So stylish! The gorgeous white Jaguar belongs to the father of our good friend Wayland, and Wayland did the restoration. Very cool!
So mod! I'd kill to have this car!
This beautiful Jag belongs to the father of our friend Wayland.
This little Sprite is right up my alley. I think I'd look pretty good driving around in it! ;^)

04 October 2015

Sunday Style!

I spied this junior fashionista, Ashley, shopping with her mom last week at the Safeway behind my studio. It was the cool hat that got my attention, but really she looked cute from head to toe. I loved her teenage attitude too. And even though technically I don't like purple, I kinda thought her shoes were perfect. :^)

03 October 2015

To the left

An arrow pointing westward in a downtown alley. I have had a severe shortage of spare time lately, and it's showing in my blog pictures! I have a self-mandated day off on Sunday, and I promise to get more interesting images then!