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06 February 2016

Looking good, Pikes Peak!

America's Mountain is looking quite lovely with her crisp white mantle of snow! We finally got some sunshine yesterday, after a week of snow and cold. Everything sparkled in the bright light. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

05 February 2016

Here be dinosaurs

I took this picture on my jaunt to Golden a couple of weeks ago (HERE and HERE), and completely forgot to blog it! This is at a place called Dinosaur Ridge, where you can see actual fossilized dinosaur footprints, among other fascinating prehistoric things. Pretty cool! I stopped there because I've always been curious about the place, but realized that a bit of walking was involved and it would be a lot more fun to explore with a friend, so after a few minutes (and a few snapshots) I got back in my car and kept on driving. By now I've forgotten what kind of dinosaur this is. Something-or-other-osaurus? I'll have to go back with a friend -- preferably my brother, who has a degree in geology and a lifelong fascination with paleontology, or my friend Russell, who is an honest-to-gosh paleo artist. Either of them would be excellent companions at a place like this!

04 February 2016

The grindstone calls...

Yesterday I managed to get out of the house after two and-a-half days of being snowed in. But alas, it was only to go to my studio, put my head down, and work. Catching up was the only thing on my agenda, so I took no pictures for the blog. It's a good thing I have a few pictures hanging around for just such an emergency. I took this picture of a 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air on January 29th at 18th and Colorado. (Apologies for the uninspired photography, I was stopped in traffic when I took it.) What a gorgeous car! Someone has certainly put some time, love and money into it.

03 February 2016

Snow-mageddon, Day 2

Yesterday I showed you how our backyard woodpile looked at about 1:15pm on Monday. Here's how it looked at 4:20pm on Tuesday. We got a ton of snow! Colorado Springs is slowly digging out from the onslaught. Wish me luck as I try to make it to my studio after two cozy days at home!

02 February 2016

Snow. A lot of snow.

Saturday was beautiful, but the wind was crazy by mid-afternoon. Sunday we woke up to snow, but it was manageable even though by dinnertime the roads were starting to get treacherous. Sunday night, the snow stopped for several hours, but by 8:00am yesterday it was snowing heavily, and it literally did not stop until about 11:00pm in my part of the city. In fact, it didn't even slow down. Relentless snow for fifteen hours straight. Everything in the city closed down, and as parts of town are still getting dumped on, everything will be closed today too I'm sure. The above photo is our backyard woodpile about 1:15pm, and below is a picture of Pat shoveling snow at 1:45pm. He waited until 10:30pm before doing it a second time, and by then the snowfall was winding down (although the wind was picking up again). We got a foot or more of the white stuff at our house when all was said and done. Time to hit the slopes, people! We checked Monarch's conditions and they have a 70" base!

01 February 2016

February 2016 Theme Day: Scene from a Coffee House

Hooray, it's Theme Day! The first of every month, participating City Daily Photo bloggers worldwide all post a similar subject. This month's theme is scene from a coffee house. Though I seem to spend an awful lot of my time in search of coffee, for some reason I just couldn't muster up any creativity for this particular theme. Finally, a few days ago I was in a downtown Starbucks and found my inspiration! Was it the man with the headphones, focused so intensely on his tablet? No. Was it that dramatic shaft of light slanting through the window? Nope. The lone coffee cup sitting at the edge of the frame? No way. It was that orange and blue banner strung up on the fence outside. Orange and blue, the colors of the Denver Broncos! My team is going to the Superbowl next Sunday, and the excitement has reached a fever pitch all over Colorado. Everywhere you look, it's orange and blue. Everyone should be inspired by those colors today! ;^)

For more scenes from a coffeehouse by bloggers all over, click HERE. Have a great Monday, wherever you are! And GO BRONCOS!

31 January 2016

Sunday Style!

Tomorrow is Theme Day, and the theme has to do with coffee houses (you'll have to come back tomorrow for specifics!). I have known for weeks what the assignment was, but was stumped creatively and unable to come up with a single idea. Finally, on Thursday I found what I was looking for at a Starbucks downtown. I also found this awesome lady, who was a standout in her head-to-toe black outfit and dramatically long cardigan. Her name is Benita and she's wonderfully tall and confident. She wears that flowy cardigan so well (it would dwarf a shorty like me)... and those boots! They really steal the show. She told me that she bought them a few years ago at Neiman Marcus, at half price. But even at 50% off, a pair of patent leather Stuart Weitzman boots at Neiman Marcus is quite an investment, and you should find every excuse to wear them often! Benita said that in fact she's worn them so much, she's had to get them resoled. I would too, if those were my boots! Thanks for being on the blog today, Benita!

Edit: Those of you who are fans of track and field may recognize Benita, because she is an Olympic gold medalist! You can read about her career HERE, and watch her win the final of the 100 meter hurdles HERE. She's undeniably extraordinary. Respect!

What a great smile!