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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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18 August 2017

Skywatch Friday

One last shot from lovely Beaver Creek, Colorado (see the previous few posts for more). The elevation at this particular spot was about 9,500 feet above sea level. So pretty! In a about a month's time they will be even more spectacular. There's nothing like aspens in the fall.

For more Skywatch Friday photos from bloggers all over the planet, click HERE. Have a great weekend!

17 August 2017

Just another day at the office

Like any other job, there are pros and cons to being a wedding photographer in Colorado. One of the great upsides is that I get to do weddings in really beautiful places. Last weekend I helped my friend Autumn cover a lovely event at the top of a mountain in Beaver Creek, west of Vail. Early in the day we did some portraits on a bridge, and here's the view (I assume this creek is what the town is named after). Isn't it pretty?

16 August 2017

The view from the summit

Here's what you see from the summit of Wilkerson Pass (see yesterday's post for a view from Hoosier Pass). Too bad it was cloudy when I got there, because the Collegiate Peaks are spectacular when the skies are clear! Next time I'm there I'll get a better shot for you. I believe that body of water in the distance is Spinney Reservoir, though it may be Eleven Mile Reservoir.

15 August 2017

Somewhere on Hoosier Pass

On Sunday I drove to beautiful Beaver Creek (west of Vail and about 175 miles from Colorado Springs) to help my friend Autumn photograph a wedding. The next morning I decided to take the scenic route home instead of I-70. Here's a snap I took on Hoosier Pass, between Breckenridge and Alma. Pretty!

14 August 2017

Thank goodness for small miracles

We've had nothing but rain and chill for weeks. It's been a mostly dreary summer, it seems. My garden is bummed out. We're ALL bummed out! I've been lucky though, in that all the outdoor weddings I've done this summer have been mercifully rain free, if not gloom free. I've managed to stay dry while working, at least! But Saturday's wedding did not look promising. Dark clouds rolled in during the middle of the ceremony, and I thought for sure we were going to get drenched. But nothing happened, can you believe it? Just a few drops and the clouds blew away, leaving this lovely rainbow in their wake. A perfect ending!

Have a great Monday! Let's hope for more sunshine this week!

13 August 2017

Sunday Style!

Today I give you Helena, a guest at a backyard wedding that I photographed yesterday. She really stood out among the other guests! After chatting with her for a few minutes, I learned that she's from Germany, which explains a lot. I've always found that Europeans tend to be a little more sartorially adventurous than most middle Americans. I love her knee socks and silver sneakers especially, and of course that bright yellow rain jacket and red lipstick! She wears it well!

12 August 2017

I've always been curious...

One last moment from the wedding I shot on the 7th floor of the Denver Public Library about three weeks ago. Can you tell what this is? I've always wondered what the inside of the tower looked like. I accidentally stumbled on this room when I was looking for a good place to do a few wedding portraits. It turns out that the top floor of the tower is an elegant, modern meeting room! Looking up, you can see the pyramidal form of the ceiling matches the outside. Very cool!
The tower in question is on the left. The iconic building was designed by Michael Graves in the 1990s.