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22 May 2015

A good day for Chuck

Here's Charles Tutt (a.k.a Chas, but I like to call him Chuck), standing in his usual spot in front of the library named after him on the Colorado College campus. He always has that benevolent smile on his face, no matter how dreary the weather! Maybe he's just happy to be free of the flyers that usually cover him from head to toe during the school year. The college students have all gone until the fall, and Mr. Tutt can hopefully enjoy a flyer-free summer.

21 May 2015

I'll have one of these, please

Pat and I spotted this Tesla Model S downtown last Sunday. I sure wouldn't mind having one of these parked in my garage! (At anywhere from $69k to $105k, I guess I won't be buying one this week though.) I think it would be particularly appropriate to live in Colorado Springs and drive a Tesla, since Nikola Tesla lived here while conducting some pretty famous experiments.

20 May 2015

Amy's Donuts

We've heard many tales of grandeur about Amy's Donuts, but never entered its hallowed portals. Yesterday was perfect doughnut weather -- gloomy, rainy and cold -- so we decided to give Amy's a go. When we walked through the door and cast our eyes upon the multitude of sweet treats, it was as if the heavens opened up and a choir of angels began to sing. Seriously, it was doughnut Nirvana. Half the goodies were sold out (we got there around noon, long after the morning rush), and yet the choices were still mind boggling. I intended on having just one for myself and one for Pat. We ended up with half a dozen and, after eating three, bought a Nutella one on the way out. (I am utterly helpless in the presence of Nutella. It's like Kryptonite.) While we were there, a customer walked in and asked if there were any sugar-free doughnuts. The employee smiled and said, "Not at Amy's!" We had to laugh. It's definitely a full-on sugary experience!

But I digress. We asked the lady behind the counter for the back story on this deliciousness. She told me that the owners, Chin and Amy Kim, had come here from Dallas, where they already owned a couple of doughnut shops. Amy's was opened in the old Dairy Queen building on Fountain and Circle only about 18 months ago, and it was an immediate hit. Everyone ha
s been raving about it from the get-go. I can see (and taste) why! The flavors range from your basic, garden variety glazed to Orange Creamsicle to Dirty Worms to Maple Coffee Cake. Their creative, inspired menu changes constantly, which I'm sure has only contributed to their success. The Kims have done so well, they've opened a second location in Pueblo! I think every city should have an Amy's Donuts!
The half-dozen we chose. Mmmmmm.
This doughnut was covered in cotton candy. Way too sweet for me but Pat inhaled it.
"The Elvis": bacon, bananas and chocolate. Holy crap!
This one is covered in Fruity Pebbles, one of my favorite childhood breakfast cereals.
Just a small handful of the many crazy doughnut flavors at Amy's. Yum!

19 May 2015

Road trip to Texas (part 6)

I'll finish up my vacation pictures by posting images from the drive home. We went out of our way to locate a couple of Muffler Men -- actually, one of them was a Muffler Lady! -- and Buddy Holley's grave. So from Austin we drove to a little town called Lamesa, then to Lubbock, then to Amarillo, and finally turned toward home. There were a lot of tiny little towns in between, and hundreds of miles of nothing but pasture. It took forever but it was worth it, even though our last 100 miles or so were largely blizzard conditions! (Yes, that was scary at 2:00 in the morning when both of us were exhausted beyond description.)

We had a great time! I can't wait for our next road trip! Tomorrow I'll start blogging images of Colorado Springs again. I hope you've enjoyed our vacation pictures!

Our first ever Muffler Lady! (Technically she's a Uniroyal Gal.) This was in tiny Lamesa, Texas. She stands in front of a tire shop. As you can see, she's been turned into a giant cheerleader with the local high school's "tornado" logo on her sweater. We love Muffler Men and will go to great lengths to see one on our road trips. I have pictures of many Muffler Men (including "cowboys" and "Paul Bunyans"), but I've never had the pleasure of seeing a Muffler Lady with my own two eyes. She was awesome! And HUGE!
Here I am, taking a picture of her. You can see how gigantic she is! We got such a kick out of her! (Photo by Pat.)
Onward to Lubbock, where we stopped at the Buddy Holley Center. I've been there before but this was Pat's first time. He thought it was pretty cool!
The larger than life statue of Mr. Holley. I thought I'd give him a little extra flair -- or flare, I should say! It took quite a few attempts to get just the right amount of flare through his famous glasses.
Here he is, in all his glory. The plaques on the wall behind him honor the many well known musicians from Lubbock.
Buddy Holley's grave in the Lubbock Cemetery. The dates of birth and death are sobering. He didn't even make it to 23. So sad.
It's customary to leave a little token when visiting his grave. Oftentimes people will leave guitar picks.
At an RV park in Amarillo we tracked down this good looking Muffler Man! He's surrounded by vintage Cadillacs, all of them in perfect condition.
He looks great! A lot of times Muffler Men look shabby because they're at least 40 or 50 years old and have been standing out in the elements for decades. But this cowboy looks spiffy! There may be a Muffler Man near you -- check THIS map to find out!
Last shot of our vacation, about to jump in the car and leave Amarillo.

18 May 2015

Road trip to Texas (part 5)

Our last day in Austin was spent largely at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Pat thought it'd be fun for us to go there because I love gardens and gardening. He was right, I loved it!  I'll keep it short on the words today, and just post a few of my favorite pictures from this lovely, serene place.

Tomorrow I'll post some fun pictures from our loooooooong drive home!

17 May 2015

Road trip to Texas (part 4)... and Sunday Style!

Today's Sunday Style post brought to you by the hip, edgy and fashionable people of Austin, Texas! Most of these photos were taken on South Congress. As you can see, it was a grey and rainy day, but that didn't stop these folks from looking good.

Those boots!
I love this guy's style. Note the old school Dr. Martens and the purple socks. It's all in the details, people!
Doc Martens again. Hmmm, I'm beginning to see a trend here...
The little black sundress and the sandals are cute, but I really like how the lady on the left is rocking a tiny white miniskirt, extra long tank top and neon running shoes.
This is the same duo as the photo at the top of this post. They were cool enough to warrant a second photo!
This hip twosome rang up my purchase at Uncommon Objects (those vintage Foo dogs, yeah!).
I like this lady's confident stride as much as I like her cute blouse and shoes!
The tattoo reads "MOM". Love it. The shorts have a little fringe of eyelet lace around the hems. Nice detail. The socklets and jellies are awesome too.
What's a little rain when you have a flowery frock to lift your spirits?!?

This was in the university district. Must be date night for these two, and she's looking fabulous!

Edit:  I'm adding one more photo, which I found while putting together the next post (about the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center). I thought these two were so fashionable, they deserved to be part of the Sunday Style post!

Aren't they cute? Very stylish!

16 May 2015

Road trip to Texas (part 3)

Part three of my series of road trip images... like yesterday's photos, these were taken in Marfa, and they reveal another reason why this little town was such an important destination for us: James Dean. We are huge fans of his, especially Pat. As you know, James Dean died in a car crash at the incredibly young age of 24. He only made three films in his truncated career, the last of which was "Giant", and it was filmed largely in Marfa. During filming Mr. Dean stayed at the Paisano Hotel. His suite was #223, and you guessed it, we chose that very suite for our stay. We were extremely thrilled about that! Above is a photo of the Paisano's beautiful courtyard. (For the record, the film's other big stars also stayed at the Paisano at least some of the time during filming: Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Dennis Hopper. Their suites are available as well.)

The morning we left, we decided to try and find the "Giant" film sets. The movie was made in 1955, sixty years ago. We didn't have high hopes of actually finding anything so we were extremely excited to come upon the site of the Little Reata! For those unfamiliar with the movie, the Little Reata was the ranch owned by Jett Rink, James Dean's character. There are three pivotal scenes in the film that showcase the landmarks we found: in one scene, Jett Rink surveys his newly acquired plot of land and climbs up the windmill to admire the view; in another scene he has a visit from Elizabeth Taylor's character, Leslie; the third scene is where he strikes oil. It's just unbelievable to me that we were able to find the famous windmill and the posts that held up the Little Reata sign, old but still recognizable from the movie. Surreal! Here are a few pictures of the hotel and the remains of the Little Reata set, plus a couple more pictures of what's great about Marfa.

The Paisano, in afternoon light. Beautiful, gracious old hotel. It was a pleasure staying there.
James Dean's room! We got to sleep here! Waaaaah!

They sell souvenir keychains with his room number. (Yes, we bought one. Of course!)

The set of the Little Reata. We were absolutely gobsmacked that it was still standing after 60 years and that we were able to find it. The posts on the left held the Little Reata sign. Here is a scene in the movie from this very spot -- dirt poor Jett Rink has just inherited a dusty parcel of land, and he paces off the boundaries and climbs up the windmill to survey it all:

Another view, showing a concrete bunker below the windmill. We're not certain, but we think the bunker was part of his "oil rig", enabling him to "strike oil" in a pivotal scene in the movie. It's in about the right position relative to the windmill. (You can watch that scene HERE.)

A little farther down the road you will find this, in the middle of nowhere. No, it's not a real store! It's an art piece, and one of the must-see things if you're ever in Marfa. You can read more about it HERE.

Our last goodbye to Marfa was a stop at the famous Food Shark, a food truck with the most delicious offerings! That's me sitting at the table, waiting for my falafel (photo by Pat). It was fantastic and totally worth the wait in the hot sun.