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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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05 March 2015

Little Free Library

I found this Little Free Library the other day in front of a home on the southwest corner of Tejon and Espanola, in the Old North End. It's exactly what you think it is: a spot to pick up a book or leave a book. Take what you want, share what you want. As long as you're reading, it's all good! There are quite a few Little Free Libraries in neighborhoods all over Colorado Springs. You can learn more about this great movement (and locate Little Free Libraries in your city) HERE.

04 March 2015

Tribute to Norm Palermo at Busy Corner

Tejon and Pikes Peak has always been affectionately known as Busy Corner. It lives up to its name. A few years ago, this sculpture was installed in the northeast flowerbed in honor of Norm Palermo, a prominent and respected citizen who passed away in 2003. I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Palermo, as he was a regular customer at the camera shop where I worked for several years after I graduated from college. He was indeed a very nice guy, and this tribute to him, entitled Spring Bouquet, is quite fitting.

03 March 2015

Getting ready for the next holiday

On Sunday I took my mom to Paris Crêpe to celebrate her birthday (see yesterday's post), and afterward we decided to drop by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Old Colorado City for a little treat. Easter isn't until April 5th, but I could see that they were already hard at work making chocolate bunnies.

02 March 2015

Crêpes for lunch

Saturday was my mom's birthday, so yesterday I took her to lunch at Paris Crêpe (218 N. Tejon St.). My mom had never eaten there before and she went crazy for the salmon crêpe she decided upon. The guys there let me take a few pictures for the blog, as I find their crêpe making process to be fascinating. They're so good at it! And my lunch was, as expected, delicious.

01 March 2015

March 2015 Theme Day: Aging

It's the start of the month, and that means it's another Theme Day for City Daily Photo bloggers! This month's theme is aging. A full workload and the recent spate of chilly and snowy weather have largely kept me from getting outdoors and exploring with my camera, however Pat and I did find time the other day to track down this old log cabin that I spied a couple of months ago in an alley just south of Cache la Poudre and west of Institute. I have no idea what year it was built, but it looks like it must have been one of the original buildings in the neighborhood -- maybe even before you could have called it a neighborhood! Perhaps it dates back to the area's pioneer days, before the city was founded. I don't know anything about this intriguing little cabin, even what the address is. In fact, it probably doesn't technically have an address, because it sits behind someone's house, so it's likely considered to be a garage or even a lowly shed. Being so completely in the dark about it is driving me insane! I want to know the history of it! Was it someone's home? Was it a barn? It looks like some updates have been made to it, such as the newer barn door and a rather incongruous, tiny vinyl window on the north-facing side. I assume the original window in that spot must have been equally tiny.

Below is a closer view of where the old logs are joined at the corner. It really seems to be old world craftsmanship. I will do my best to find more information, and when I do, I'll post an update!

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28 February 2015

Pewter skies

This is our daily reality lately: snow and cloudy skies. I don't mind it, though. We're a little spoiled here by all the sunshine we usually get, so a few clouds are a welcome change. Besides, I love wintertime!

On a personal note: today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday, Mama! We love you!

27 February 2015

Skywatch Friday

Here's a typical Colorado Springs moment: you're sitting in traffic, waiting for the signal to change, and you notice how amazing Pikes Peak looks today. "I think I'll take a picture of that!" you say. To be honest, Pikes Peak looks amazing EVERY day, but I particularly like it when clouds dance around the mountain, like they did when I took this photo on February 17th.

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