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29 April 2013

Will the real Sinton Pond please stand up?

A little over two years ago, I did a blog post about Sinton Pond (read that post HERE). At least I thought it was Sinton Pond, but a few months later I received a comment on the post informing me that I was wrong.  The comment was worded pretty aggressively and made me feel a little stupid, so I didn't publish it because, to quote my favorite band, the Talking Heads, "I hate people when they're not polite."  But a couple of days ago I received another comment on that post (this one was polite!), informing me that the pond I had photographed was not Sinton Pond but Pikeview Reservoir.  I happily published that comment and promised to find the real Sinton Pond and photograph it.

And that is the story of today's picture.  Pat and I went for a bike ride yesterday, and after some minor exploring we located Sinton Pond on the Sinton Trail (duh).  We spent about half an hour there walking around the pond and taking pictures. It's a little scruffy, but it has a very nice view of Pikes Peak, doesn't it?  I will go back there after the trees have greened up and try to get a good shot of it at sunset. I think that would be nice.


Jacqi Stevens said...

Tamera, the minute I saw your blog title for today, I had to stop and take a look.

"Sinton Pond" brings back memories...that's the pond near where my husband grew up. I don't know where you found this pond (if it's the same one, since someone disputed your last selection) but my husband said the way he remembers it, Sinton pond was near Sinton road. It was actually the cooling pond for the Sinton dairy, east of Sinton road, south of Garden of the Gods Road and north of Palmer Avenue. There is a small spring that flows west to east, just south of it.

Of course, that's just where he remembered it. Perhaps people just called the pond by that name because it was near its namesake dairy. Maybe there really is another Sinton Pond, and the one he remembers isn't the "real" one, either!

Tamera said...

Nope, you're right, it's the one next to Sinton Dairy (which, by the way, is still there)!

Randy said...

What a beautiful spot.

b.c. said...

gorgeous!! (and i love the talking heads too :))