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30 June 2013

Roller derby

Pat and I went to the roller derby last Saturday night.  I brought a camera and snapped a few shots just for fun.  It was a physical bout! Our girls won, but Tucson definitely gave us a run for our money toward the end.

I spied this stylish girl in the crowd and asked her for a photo. She's a long tall drink of water, this one!  At least 6'-3" (1.905 meters) in flat shoes, she definitely stands out!  As it turns out, she's a derby girl too -- her derby name is Beater Rabbit ;^)


Hilda said...

Whoa, that looks like a violent sport. And despite the fun and funky outfit and tats, I wouldn't want to mess around with a rabbit that beats people up. ;)

Kris said...

wish I have the courage to wear her style..Love it!

Randy said...

That would be fun. It's doesn't look as vicious as it used to be.