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13 September 2013

Skywatch Friday

One of the many unique butterfly art pieces in Downtown Colorado Springs. This one is situated in front of First Christian Church on the corner of Platte and Cascade.  Every year the butterflies are auctioned off to benefit art programs in our schools.

You can see the sky beyond is dark and ominous. I took this picture over two weeks ago, but as I type this on Thursday afternoon, Manitou Springs is experiencing flooding yet again, thanks to nonstop heavy rains in the last twelve hours (if you haven't heard about our big flood last month, read THIS post and THIS post, the latter from only a couple of days ago).  So far there has been one reported death overnight.  It's just terrible. I don't know how much more catastrophe we can take in this city. Mother Nature, we need a break!

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Massimo said...

looks really nice and I see a very cloudy sky ! have a nice week end

Indrani said...

So colorful!
A huge one that too.

Hilda said...


Tamera, I hope you and your family are alright. I just read the news about the floods in Colorado. I don't exactly know where CS is and which parts are flooding, so I just want to make sure. I'm praying for all those affected by the floods.

Tamera said...

Thanks Hilda. We have had ceaseless heavy rain, but Boulder, Estes Park and Lyons are the hardest hit. It's still raining :^(

Ellen said...

I live in Colorado Springs too, but I've never noticed these butterflies. Very pretty. So thankful the rain is less today, although it still looks threatening outside.

Randy said...

So colorful and beautiful.

Tamera said...

Ellen, the closer you are to downtown, the worse it was. We were just deluged but my folks on the northeast side of town had it relatively easy.