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07 September 2015

The Labor Day Lift-Off Balloon Glow

I told you last year around this time the bad news that a longstanding Colorado Springs tradition, the Balloon Classic, had abruptly decided to pull up stakes and leave town, much to the collective dismay of our residents. We loved our balloon festival. It was as much a part of our culture as Pikes Peak! But it wasn't long before the wheels were turning on the creation of a new annual balloon event, to be held on Labor Day Weekend at Memorial Park, just like the Classic had been. Thus the Labor Day Liftoff came to be, and this is its first year. Huzzah! I can tell you that, since we live in a neighborhood very near Memorial Park, it's been a crazy Labor Day weekend, with people coming from all over the area to see the balloons. Tons of traffic and road congestion, but I don't mind. It's just great to have the balloons again!

On Saturday night Pat and I decided at the last minute to go to the balloon glow, so I grabbed a camera and we started walking. But it was too late; by the time we reached the park, the balloon glow was over with and we found ourselves struggling against the tide as thousands of people left the park in search of their cars. We kept walking, however, and found that one balloon was still inflated and glowing. I managed to get a few pictures of it before it too went dark. As you can see, there are hordes of people in this picture, and this was after most of the attendees had already left. I guess that means that the Labor Day Liftoff is a success!

Hooray for the Labor Day Liftoff! We have our balloons back! The tradition lives on!


Linda said...

Beautiful shot! Love the warm glow!

Lois said...

How pretty! I love hot air balloons and have always wanted to see a balloon glow.

William Kendall said...

Good that it has come back in a new shape.

We have a balloon festival here the same weekend, and true to form, I missed it again!

LOLfromPasa said...

Never seen anything like that before. Beautiful.