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20 March 2016

Sunday Style!

This is my good friend Judy, who's 72 years old. She's the mother of one of my oldest friends, John, whom I met on the very first day of college many years ago. Incidentally, she's also my hair stylist! She an accomplished artist as well. One of the many things I love about Judy is not just that she's always taken such pride in her appearance  -- unsurprising for someone who works in the beauty industry -- but that she has a very personal style that's all her own. She dresses like the artist that she is! (Look at that cool asymmetrical jacket!) Every outfit is punctuated with large, often ethnic jewelry, and finished off with perfume. So not only does she always look great, she smells great!

If you're in the habit of browsing blogs, you  might want to check out one of my personal favorites, Advanced Style. It's very popular so you might have already heard of it, but if not, definitely take a few minutes to sit down and enjoy it. It's all about beautiful older women like Judy who have bold, unique and personal style signatures. One day, a few years from now, I hope to be as cool as any of them!


Gunn said...

Yes, she has style! I also like the bright BLUE colour she added to her black outfit.

ADVANCED STYLE is fantastic. I have also seen some of the youtube films/interviews.
I just wish I had a mum, an aunt or perhaps a grandmother like some of these Ladies in New York.


Kate said...

A great photo. I concur with what Gunn has said. Thanks for the tip on "Advanced Style" but couldn't figure out how to subscribe to it; couldn't find the info on the blog.

William Kendall said...

She reminds me of someone I know.

Tamera said...

@Kate when I want to follow a new blog, I simply add the URL to my blog roll! Thanks everyone for the comments! Tamera