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28 September 2016

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Thanks for your patience, kind readers! Yesterday's post was just a teaser, but today's post shows you exactly how stupendous this National Park is. Breathtaking! Warning for the acrophobic: the roads are fine as you drive through the park, giving you little hint of exactly how steep the cliffs are -- you'll feel perfectly secure as you drive. But when you park your car and take in many the scenic lookout points on foot, you will find that the drop offs are anywhere from 1,700 to 2,700 feet straight down. Pat and I both have a healthy fear of heights, so this was challenging for us. But we swallowed our fear and took in the views, because it was simply not to be missed. Scary. Beautiful. Scary-beautiful. I love Colorado.
The red arrow points to Pat. You can see how high up we were. Look at that lady standing on the rock to take a picture. She's crazy!
If you ask me, the woman in the white shirt is out of her damn mind.
One good sneeze and it's all over for you, lady!
This cliff had an entire ecosystem perched on its precipice. Nature is amazing.
I stuck my arm out over the void with a camera in my hand, to try and capture the depth of the canyon. I would have needed a longer arm, but this gives you somewhat of an idea. (Note: I paid dearly for this shot in grey hair. I was scared half to death and clutching onto the railing for dear life. The things I do for my blog!)
One last shot of the gorgeous Gunnison River. This photo and the one at the top of today's post were both taken with a very long lens (300mm). The river is actually much farther away to the naked eye.


bill burke said...

The photos are quite impressive. A beautiful area to visit and you're right, that lady is absolutely insane.

William Kendall said...

The wildness of the place is very appealing to me. I'll have to see it for myself someday.