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13 November 2016

Sunday Style!

On Wednesday afternoon I was driving through downtown Manitou when I spotted this beautiful person in the middle of the road, taking in the sights. I found the nearest parking spot and chased her down. Her name is Elisha and she's not a tourist, she lives in Colorado Springs and was just randomly hanging around Manitou that day, like me. Cute purse, cute shoes, great hair, love the sweater, and that shade of blue looks fabulous on her. Elisha, thanks for the pictures, and it was nice meeting you!


Gunn said...

Nice colours on her outfit. She looks comfortable and happy, so much better than sad skinny models in so many fashion magazines.

William Kendall said...

She stands out beautifully!

Tamera said...

Gunn, my next scheduled Sunday Style post is a model who's worked with me a couple of times. She isn't "sad". She's just as well balanced as the next person. I feel the need to say that, because for some reason, women especially like to call out models, as if models aren't people too. Each person has their own idea of what's beautiful and desirable. Being slim doesn't make a person somehow sadder or more unworthy than a "regular" person, any more than being overweight does. The photos in magazines are generally all about the clothes, not the model, anyway. Whether the model smiles or not shouldn't really be a judgement on their character. As a photographer I can tell you that photo spreads in fashion magazines are highly stylized and curated. The model doesn't have a lot of say in the final product. It's all down to the creative forces behind the shoot.

Bergson said...

what a great smile