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22 September 2013

Vacation pictures (part 2)

More pictures from my trip to southern California a couple of weeks ago! On Sunday, September 1st, my hosts took me to the historic Del Mar racetrack (above) to watch the horses run. It was so exciting! Having grown up completely horse crazy (yet having ridden only once in my life) it was a HUGE thrill to go to an actual track and see what it was all about. How cool! Pat told me to bet on nines all day long, so I did, and I kept winning! It was pretty funny. Of the five races I bet on, I won money in four. That's beginner's luck for you!

The coolest part was the fourth race, which was run as a memorial to my host Ethan's friend. This fellow, who passed away a couple of years ago, had been good buddies with the president of the racetrack. The fourth race of the day was held in is honor, and all his old friends (including Ethan and his guests) were invited to view the race from the winner's circle. Of course I bet on #9, a horse named JoJo Warrior, and she didn't just win, she DESTROYED the other horses by a good four lengths (video HERE). And it was her first race, too!  I was so excited to see my pony go screaming through the finish line -- I was jumping up and down and hollering at the top of my lungs, and everyone laughed at me. Ha ha!  I think I won a whopping $26, but I don't care if my winnings were puny, I just had a great time, and it was an extra thrill to watch from the winner's circle -- I felt so important. ;^)

I think this is the second race of the day. See #9 creeping up there at the back? He turned on the jets and came in third, so I won a few bucks from his hard work.

For the fourth race (the memorial to Ethan's friend), we were invited into the paddock to watch the pre-race promenade. It was awe inspiring to be so close to the horses and jockeys! All the other people had to view them from outside the rail, but we were on the inside with the owners and VIPs. Neat-o!

I wish you could have seen my face when I looked over and realized that I was standing ten feet away from world famous Canadian jockey Chantal Sutherland. I was gobsmacked. Unfortunately SHE saw my face, complete with dumbfounded expression, and she probably thought I was a crazy person. I did manage to snap a couple of shots of her before she noticed me staring at her with my mouth hanging open. Ha!

Here she is on her horse, just before going onto the track. Folks, if you're looking for a strong woman role model for your daughter, check out Chantal Sutherland. She is not known for twerking, sex scandals, dating questionable guys, or wearing extremely short hemlines with no underwear. She is known for being pretty much Superwoman.

"My" horse, JoJo Warrior, destroying the competition in the fourth race. I watched this race from the winner's circle. What a thrill! An experience to remember!


LOLfromPasa said...

Well, I can't help but love these. I showed Santa Anita Park (my vacation shots) on Friday. You got to see some horses :). Super shots!

Randy said...

Poor horses. I like the Palm trees.

Kris said...

Great document and congrats on your win!
Watching a horse race is in my bucket list ;)

Hilda said...

Ooh! I've never even been to a horse race, much less gotten close to a racehorse or jockey. Cool!