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11 March 2017

The saddest duck pond in the world

Monument Valley Park used to have two duck ponds. This was the one to the south, near the baseball field. Several years ago it started to get manky, murky and disgusting. Then the water level sank lower and lower, until eventually we were left with this depressing sight. Years have gone by now and no efforts have been made to fix it, because there has been no money in the city's coffers for it. Many people here are very resistant to paying more than the bare minimum of taxes. The result of that can be eyesores like this. Personally, although low taxes are nice, I'm okay with paying a little bit more so we can have quality of life things like duck ponds. Sadly, some of our most iconic parks are looking a little down at the heels these days. Maybe someone with deep pockets will step up and donate to fix the problem of this sad, empty pond in Monument Valley Park, but until that happens, it's just going to look depressing I guess!


Anonymous said...

Sad! My mother lives near Nancy Lewis Park and it always seems well maintained. I wonder if it has private funding. My mom moved into MacKenzie Place because she loved the Nancy Lewis ducks and geese. Hope that pond doesn't disappear too!

Tamera said...

I think Nancy Lewis Park is much newer, whereas Monument Valley Park has been there for most of our city's history, along with a few other ones that need some TLC. There are just things about these older parks that need attention, like this duck pond. Newer parks have the benefit of modern design, materials and infrastructure.

William Kendall said...

You've had too many politicians for too long who've screamed bloody murder about even lower taxes- in countries where the tax rates are already low- and infrastructure suffers for it. Taxes are the price of having civilization, and unfortunately there aren't enough leaders who see things that way.