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04 February 2018

Sunday Style!

I'm barely making this post in time! It's been a crazy day, what with the Superbowl and all. So without further ado, here are some of the cool people and things I saw at the Ent Center for the Arts' first big opening, "Floyd D. Tunson: JANUS". Mr. Tunson is a highly respected and very beloved local artist, and he was the perfect choice for the inaugural show at the Marie Walsh Sharpe gallery at the Ent Center. There was a huge turnout for Floyd! Tons of people! Above and below are a couple of students, Jasmine and Camille (sorry girls, I had to cut your heads off in the second picture because of the way my cell phone crops things). Scroll down for more.
Those are metal grommets on this woman's dress. How cool is that?!?
This lady had an Issey Miyake handbag! She told me that she bought it in Japan, but you can get a "tote" version of it HERE at the MOMA store.
The man of the hour, Floyd Tunson, looking as cool as ever! He's been a well known artist in these parts for decades. I know Floyd from my years working at a pro camera shop downtown long ago, when he was a regular customer (but he wouldn't remember me, I'm sure) -- at the time he was an art teacher at Palmer High School and his students loved him. He's only become more popular and venerated in the years since. Oh and he has always been this cool!
It was very crowded in the gallery, but I managed to get a snapshot of the largest work when the crowed eased up for a moment. I really need to go back when there are fewer people around. Openings are fun, but it's hard to concentrate on the art when so much is going on.
Last but not least, my brother Chuck thought I should be on the blog today too, because I successfully pulled off wearing four prints at once (five, if you count the fishnet knee-highs that I had on under my jeans!). That's a 1960s flowered cardigan, a black on blue brocade blouse, jeans with striped patches, and a black lace handbag. It's rare indeed that I make an appearance on my own blog!


Jack said...

It looks like a great show and wonderful people watching. Did anyone mention that you had a few little tears in your jeans?

Tamera said...

Ha! Yes, Pat hated these jeans so I patched them ;)

William Kendall said...

You look great, Tamera!