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21 May 2018

All too familiar

Ah, yes. The cone zone. You see them all over the city these days. Here's why:  our roads got so potholed that it made national news. This is not something that you want your city to be known for. Things got so ridiculous that people were getting pulled over for drunk driving when in fact they were only weaving to and fro trying to avoid potholes! (This actually happened to my brother.) Pat and I replaced too many tires to count. To this day, his car has a bent rim on the front driver's side. The newspaper had a pothole map, kept up to date by readers. The local TV news did pothole updates. Our friends would do random alerts on Facebook. Crater sized hole in the road, watch out! (The one by King Soopers on Uintah was mind boggling.) Pat and I started to give the potholes names. It was bad. Finally, a couple of years ago the citizens of Colorado Springs reluctantly concluded that the only solution was to raise the sales tax, and ever since, road crews have been aggressively repairing, resurfacing and improving thousands of miles of road. We should be happy about it of course, because the pothole situation was extremely bad, but I have to admit that I'm getting a little weary of cone zones! At one point recently I couldn't access my house from north, south or west, and had to drive out of my way to the east to get home from my studio. It's crazy! But I suppose I'll shut up now, because anything's better than the potholes. Right?

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William Kendall said...

Taxes- the price of civilization.