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13 May 2022

Don't Feed the Ducks and Geese

In order to get to this picturesque spot in Nancy Lewis Park where she's feeding the ducks and geese with her grandson, this woman had to walk past not one, but two prominent signs that literally say "Don't Feed the Ducks and Geese." I find it hard to believe that she somehow didn't see them, she simply chose to ignore their message because she wanted to do what she wanted to do. Of course she was feeding the waterfowl the worst possible thing: white bread. When I mentioned to her that bread is especially harmful, she seemed quite shocked. She asked me what would be a better choice, and I told her grapes. Her response to that was actually kind of funny; she wanted to know how the birds can get at the grapes when the grapes inevitably sink! Uh, ducks and geese can put their heads underwater, lady. That's how they naturally eat when people aren't throwing crappy human food at them. Sigh. Please read and heed the signs, people, and even though it's fun to feed the animals, it's truly not good for them, so just don't do it!


Stefan Jansson said...

We have a few people like that over here. Tricky to understand how someone can be so ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly this spot around the pond. I guess “feeding the ducks” is considered a “must do” activity for young children - people can’t resist doing it. An arboretum not too far from where we live has a list of food items preferred over white bread. Katie

William Kendall said...

I had a similar gripe today.

People can be so thoughtless.