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17 November 2022

Hm... Merkins?

It looks like a personal trainer or coach has been using the Trestle/Under the Bridge Arts District (or whatever it's called) to train their pupils, writing their instructions on this pillar. I don't know what bent o' rows or high-knees are, but they sound painful. And merkins? I always took that to mean a pubic wig! 😂 I just looked it up and apparently it's also another word for push-ups.


William Kendall said...

I know it's just chalk, but this is what inspires taggers to do their own thing with materials that are harder to clean.

Tamera said...

I don't know that taggers are inspired by chalk scribbles made by personal trainers! I think they have other reasons for doing what they do.

JudithK said...

I am laughing. So glad you looked it up. Now I don't have to. I came across that word about 25 years ago, was highly amused (who knew??). Told my husband, and he was too. Told the women at work (all female office) and they were too. One was enterprising and called the cafe where my husband was having coffee, and asked for "Curly Merkin." I guess the waitress hollered it out. But no one answered her. My husband was disappointed he hadn't been paying attention.

JudithK said...

Read today about the awful event in CS. Just more awfulness.

JudithK said...

Read today about the horrible event in your town yesterday. Things change everywhere....even in a good place.