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31 January 2012


As an accompaniment to yesterday's post, a Union Pacific train engine that was idling next to Giuseppe's while I was there photographing the building.

30 January 2012

Giuseppe's Depot

This is Giuseppe's Depot, a popular local restaurant for at least 40 years. It's housed in the old Denver & Rio Grande train depot, which was decommissioned in 1971 (before that Giuseppe's was on Pikes Peak and Cascade). The Denver and Rio Grande passenger line may now be defunct, but the tracks that run by the depot are certainly still in heavy use. In certain dining areas in the restaurant you're right next to the train tracks, so you can watch the trains roll by as you eat.

When I graduated college I got a job at Giuseppe's as a busboy* (or busgirl, I should say), and I lasted about two or three weeks. It was really hard work. In other restaurant jobs I'd served mostly as a hostess. Busing tables is a lot closer to the lowest rung on the ladder, that's for certain -- just above dishwasher! But working at G's was a rite of passage for my generation it seems. Many of my friends were employed there at one time or another in their salad days.

As of last fall, Giuseppe's has transitioned from restaurant to events center, so now they host parties and events (such as weddings), rather than daily dining. I didn't know about this change in format. If I had, I would have taken the time to visit Giuseppe's for lunch one last time.

*[ For those unfamiliar with the term busboy: it's the person who cleans the dirty plates from the tables after the diners have finished eating. It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. ] ;o)

Here's a look at the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad depot in its heyday (this shot is taken from the back side of the building, so you can see the trains):

29 January 2012

The happy pig

Well she looks happy to me, anyway! This large bronze sow lives on S. Tejon Street, across from the Plaza of the Rockies. I couldn't find the name of the piece or the artist. I like her. She reminds me a little of Wilbur in Charlotte's Web -- she has a certain joie de vivre!

28 January 2012


The night life in New Orleans is CRAZY, and it's a great place to go if you love live music. I did hit Bourbon Street with some friends on my first night there. Let's just say it was indescribable. Insane! Later in the week I passed this colorfully painted bar on the street while hurrying back from lunch. Next time I'm in New Orleans, I am going to find time to hit more of the music hot spots, especially the jazz ones.

27 January 2012


The resident cat at the French Market Inn, the nearly 300 year hotel where I stayed in New Orleans, in the heart of the French Quarter.

26 January 2012

Sunset over the Mississippi

My second day in New Orleans, I was treated to this incredible sunset over the Mississippi. Wow!

25 January 2012


Another wrought iron fence. I love how the fleur de lis motif can be found all over New Orleans.

24 January 2012


Shadows cast by an ornate wrought iron fence in New Orleans. I love the light there, it reminds me of Paris.

23 January 2012

The French Quarter

My first night in New Orleans, some friends and I went out to eat at Napoleon House in the French Quarter, a couple of blocks from my hotel. After dinner we rushed back to the hotel to change clothes to go out dancing, but I had to stop every few feet to take pictures! Here's what the French Quarter looks like by night. Dark and romantic and a little dangerous. Man I loooooooove New Orleans! What an amazing city!

22 January 2012

I'm back!

I know, I know, I've been pretty lax about blogging since the turn of the new year. I actually didn't have any great pictures to show you, and no time to go out and shoot any. But don't despair, I've just come home from five days in the wonderfully photogenic New Orleans! It was my first trip there and I had a blast. I was actually there for a big photography convention that I attend every January; this year's just happened to be in NOLA and I was very excited about that. I stayed right in the middle of the French Quarter, and although I didn't have a lot of time to wander around and photograph the city the way I would have liked, I did manage to get a few good snapshots that I'll be sharing with you here over the next few days.

Let's start with this one of
Denver International Airport, taken while I was waiting for my connecting flight to New Orleans. DIA has a very unique architectural style. You can see that the roof is actually formed in peaks, to mimic the snow-capped mountain ranges of Colorado. It's also an incredibly enormous facility, at 53 square miles (I'm assuming that includes the runways). I can tell you that to get from Point A to Point B at DIA often involves taking a subway. It's huge! You can find all kinds of fun facts about the airport HERE.

I think that DIA is probably the coolest airport I've ever been in, and I've been in a lot of airports. You should travel through and check it out sometime!

14 January 2012


On Thursday I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. This hip kid, Alex, was in the waiting room with me. Check out how much style he's got packed into his look: neon green Vans, black shoelaces, grey socklets, black on black plaid pegged jeans, contrasting plaid hoodie, retro tee, neon green fingerless gloves (the better to text with, my dear), mock-hawk knit hat. And it all looks great. Alex, I salute you and your miles of personal style!

13 January 2012


Yesterday I posted about the old Antlers Garage. Today, I give you... the Antlers parking garage! Across the street from yesterday's picture is the rather ordinary parking garage that sits below the Antlers Hotel. Frankly there's nothing photogenic about it except the graffiti heart. I see that someone has tried to sandblast it away, but I'm kind of glad they didn't quite succeed. A building this nondescript can always use a little love :^)

12 January 2012

The Antlers Garage

This is the facade of the old Antlers Garage, which is on the little dogleg of Pikes Peak Avenue that feeds westward off of Cascade Avenue and leads down to the train depot. I remember loving this building in the '80s because it was pink! (Actually that's one of my least favorite colors, but who can resist a pink building?!?) I always wanted to do a fashion shoot that featured its cool old architecture, but I never got around to it. In the mid-1990s it was torn down with only the facade left intact. The space behind the facade is now a parking lot servicing the library. And alas, as you can see, it is no longer pink :^(

08 January 2012


On my birthday last month I went to Black Forest (the northeast corner of our city) to make portraits of a 100 year old woman, Charlotte. I like to photograph people's things too. Here is one of the many birdhouses that follow the long driveway up to Charlotte's home. She has been an animal lover all her life.

05 January 2012

Matt P.

While shopping for supplies for a photo shoot yesterday afternoon, I came across this guy at the hardware store. His name is Matt P. and he let me take his picture. I like to grab photos of people that have an interesting sense of style. Now I know there are a lot of guys out there with full sleeve tattoos, black t-shirts and knit hats, but this guy really owned his look and was completely comfortable in his skin. He wasn't a fashion victim -- he just looked cool.

Thanks Matt for letting me take your picture! You're my first post of 2012!

01 January 2012

January 2012 Theme Day: 2011 Photo of the Year

Happy New Year! It's Theme Day for City Daily Photo bloggers. Every year on January 1st, we blog the best photo of the previous year. I never can narrow it down to just one image, so this year I'll do the same as I always do and blog a handful. I should mention that upon reviewing all my posts of the last year, there wasn't any particular image that I'm enamored with -- I just don't feel like I took any standout photos in 2011 for this blog, and for that I apologize! In 2012 I plan to remedy that situation by taking lots of killer photos for you.

The photo above was originally posted on October 24th. It was taken on the campus of the Colorado College during a photo shoot. I chose it as my photo of the year because it was such a beautiful Indian summer evening, the light was incredible and I was really enjoying myself. It really exemplifies life in Colorado Springs for me. The images below are captioned for your convenience. Enjoy!

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Originally posted on April 22nd; Prospect Lake at twilight with Pikes Peak in the background.

Originally posted on May 16th: willows coming into bud at Rosemont Reservoir.

Originally posted on June 2nd: a splashing fountain at Hillside Gardens, near my house.

Originally posted on July 17th: sunset over downtown.

Originally posted on August 7th: a water-filled pothole in the parking lot at my studio in the Old North End.

Originally posted on August 20th: a vintage RV photographed by Pat at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, during Speed Week 2011.

Originally posted on November 1st: November's theme day photo. The theme was fences.

Originally posted on December 14th: a winter sunset over Pikes Peak, captured from Black Forest on my birthday.