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19 October 2014

I have no comment

I spied this fellow walking near my studio a couple of weeks ago on a warm afternoon. At first I was too tickled to react, but then I got my wits about me and snapped a picture of him before he strolled out of sight. He reminded me a little of THIS article in the Onion (if you're unfamiliar with the Onion, please note that it's a satire website and not intended to be taken seriously). I don't know whether to be horrified or to admire his bold disregard for sartorial convention! I'm thinking maybe the latter. Well at least he was comfortable!


William Kendall said...

I can see why you'd think of that Onion article! Great timing!

Randy said...

I would have to agree.

Stefan Jansson said...

There's a guy in my area who walks around with a stroller. Every day. Year round. He had a stroke a few years ago. In the summer time he will put on a pair of khaki shorts and go for a walk. I don't think anyone minds, but had it been me I would have added a t-shirt.