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21 April 2018

New York (Part 4)

I deferred to Pat for most of the things on our New York must see list because I've been there several times, and this was only his second time. But there was definitely one thing I was dying to do, and that was to shop at Mood Designer Fabrics. If you're a fan of the TV show "Project Runway", you're probably familiar with this store; it's where the contestants buy all of their fabric for the various challenges thrown at them. And Mood was just as awesome as I'd hoped it would be! We also spent some time in Lower Manhattan, shopping at a big department store called Century 21, where you can get great deals on regular clothes and on fashion forward, high end designer labels. I spent a ton of money at both places! Century 21 happens to be across from the site of the World Trade Center, so we stopped at the memorial for a moment to take a picture. I don't like going there, to be honest. It just makes me sad and upset.

The offices of Vogue Magazine are directly across from the memorial. True fact about me: I have every single issue of Vogue from January 1981 to the current one. No exaggeration. So Pat tried really hard to finagle us into the Vogue offices, but we didn't get past the front desk. Honestly I was thrilled to have made it that far!

The photo at the top of this entry is of Jeff Koons' Ballon Flower (Red), which can be found in front of 7 WTC. Apparently it's worth in the neighborhood of $50 million. Enjoy today's pictures! Tomorrow I'll do my first Sunday Style featuring chic New Yorkers!

The security/reception desk in the lobby of the Condé Nast offices, where Vogue Magazine is located. This is the closest I will ever get to the terrifying-yet-fabulous Anna Wintour. Ha.
The 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site.
The colossal button and needle sculpture in the Garment District, also known at the Fashion District, on 7th Avenue and West 39th Street.
Your favorite blogger at Mood Fabrics. Why do I look so perplexed in this picture, you ask? Because I was confronted with three floors of designer fabric and was on the brink of losing my mind. So many choices! I ended up buying material for three different projects, including a dress pattern from 1949 that I've been holding onto for years, just waiting for my chance to go to Mood and get exactly the perfect fabric!
We ended our day at Katz's Deli for dinner with an old friend. Do you remember the famous "fake orgasm" scene from "When Harry Met Sally"? It was shot here. The food was fantastic and it's clearly a local favorite, not just a tourist destination.

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William Kendall said...

Yes, I remember that scene!

The Koons sculpture is visually appealing, and the 9/11 site is as poignant as you'd expect.