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30 March 2013

Well, at least she's wearing shoes

I was in Denver on Wednesday afternoon, meeting with one of the Captains at the Salvation Army because I am going to be doing a shoot for them next week.  What a wonderful thing these people do.  I was so overwhelmed to learn of the enormous amount of help and support the Salvation Army gives to people who are in the grip of drugs and alcohol, getting them sober and following up with them in their sobriety -- all for free.  They give their clients job skills and life skills, moral support and spiritual support, so they can move into sober life well armed and ready to take care of themselves.  It was very moving to see, and I am very much looking forward to this shoot.

While I was there, the Captain was nice enough to give me a tour of the facility where they intake and sort donations from the public.  There was everything from appliances to jewelry to furniture to china to electronics to sporting goods to shoes... and especially clothing.  Enormous, mind-bogglingly tall bales upon bales of donated clothes.  In among all of this I spied this tiny doll on the floor.  She seemed so incongruous, I had to take a picture.  She was just so adorably funny in her birthday suit and black and pink shoes, holding up her hand as if to say, "Wait -- let me get some clothes on first!" Hilarious!  I'm sure someone will notice her soon enough and put her with the other dolls.  Hopefully they'll give her something to wear while they're at it!

BTW the title of today's post is a sly reference to Thursday's post. Did you get it? ;^)


Barbara Farr said...

Yes, I got it :). Good work.

Randy said...

Interesting find.

krisz fu said...

I admit I didn't read the whole post *blush* but you had me at the title :D