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24 April 2016

Sunday Style!

Today's Sunday Style is huge because I have so many pictures of all the cool people at Viva Las Vegas! I'll start off with a few individual snapshots (some of which were taken with cell phones, so please excuse the low quality), and at the bottom I'll put a slideshow of people I snapped at the car show and concert. The car show, which was open to the public and not just VLV ticket holders, definitely had a lot more of a 1940s fashion vibe going on, and there were a few people who got their decades a little confused (wearing a 1950s outfit with 1940s hair, for instance) but it was pretty much the awesome retro fashion parade I'd hoped it would be and more. The photo at the top of the page is lovely Ashley from Los Angeles. I ran into her later that same day and she was wearing a vintage evening dress and looking even more ravishing. She was also, like all of the people I met there, friendly, interesting and a ton of fun. I had a blast taking all these pictures and meeting some really great people during this four day event!
This guy was English. People were there from all over the world (Japan, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Australia... I even heard people speaking Swedish and Finnish! It was a rockabilly U.N.!) -- by far, the coolest were the English. Not surprisingly, England has always had a thriving rockabilly subculture.
Khatiuska (she had to type her name into my phone for me -- I hope I'm transcribing it correctly!) not only had a great style, she had a killer smile :^)
Stacy. Love her confidence!
Amanda from Billie Jo Retro, out of Dallas.
Madcap Mae and her friend Elizabeth.
This guy was wearing a vintage Colorado College sweater! Of course I had to get a picture, then informed him that my studio is only a few blocks from CC. He seemed unimpressed. Or maybe he was just too British and didn't quite know how to deal with an excited American lady yammering about CC. Or maybe he really was just unimpressed. Ha.
Bethany, all the way from Australia! You may recognize her from the fashion show pictures I posted a couple of days ago.
Who's this cool cat? Oh wait, that's Pat! Looking good, sweetie! Nice shirt!
Holly, who's a designer for Bettie Page Clothing. That cute outfit she's wearing will be available soon! You can follow Holly on Instagram HERE.

And here's the fun slide show from the car show and concert. You can also watch it HERE on YouTube if you prefer. BTW my feet are in this slide show, but you'll have to figure it out for yourself! Enjoy!


William Kendall said...

Sounds like you had a blast. Your first shot's my favourite!

Dan McClintock said...

Looks like a fun group of people. I loved all the fashions on your your slide show!