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10 June 2016

The Navajo Hogan

The Navajo Hogan, or Johnny's Navajo Hogan as it's now called, has been a Colorado Springs fixture since the mid-1930s. It is located above the Old North End, on the eastern edge of the Roswell neighborhood, which at the time was very blue collar. As you can see, The Hogan has still got the coolest neon sign in town! Its only surviving rival in that regard is the Peak Cinema, downtown. True to its name, the Navajo Hogan is built in the style of a traditional DinĂ© (Navajo) hogan. Interestingly, no nails were used in constructing the domes. You can read a little more about its history HERE (scroll down the page a bit). The Hogan has had its ups and downs over the years, and at times it's even been considered a disreputable biker bar -- but if you ask me, that only adds to its character. So does the fact that it's on the National Historic Register. Lately the Hogan has had new life breathed into it, having been purchased and rehabbed by the same guy who owns the popular Southside Johnny's. I hadn't been to the Hogan in years, but last night my pub quiz team decided to compete there instead of our usual Thursday night hangout, McCabe's. My first shock was that the parking lot was so much nicer than I remembered. It was paved, and it had painted lines. My second shock was that I counted no fewer than three shiny Mercedes sedans in the nice parking lot. Mercedes-Benzes! Not a Harley in sight! My third shock was how nicely the interior has been restored, and my fourth shock was that the ladies room was clean. Ha ha! I made this picture on the way out, after we took third place. We'll do better next time, so be ready for us, regular Hogan quizzers!

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William Kendall said...

It is quite an eye catching sign!